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Sunday 11 May 2014


These cryptids are unusual mainly for the fact that you don't hear much about them.


In the 17th century, zoological lore spoke of the malabar, a flying snake to be found in the vicinity of the Pyrenees.  If you feared its attack, there was a quick way to stave it off.  You lay down and pretended to be dead.  That way it considered itself to have won a victory over you and would fly off and leave you in peace.


Between 1632-3 this beast was reported in the vicinity of Caen, France.  Just what it was is unclear - perhaps some member of the dog family.


In the Pacific northwest of the United States, Indians spoke of this creature, a giant which lived at the bottom of a pool.  There was a whole species of them.  If they captured you they would in some cases eat you, but sometimes they would make you their servant.


A huge crane of unknown species which has been reported from Texas.

Spooner Sheepkiller

This creature appears to have preyed on sheep at the Spooner Agricultural Research Station in Wisconsin.  It was shot and killed and, although it seemed to be somewhat canine in appearance, it could not be identified

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