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Wednesday, 12 March 2014


Conspiracy theorists - of whom there seems to be a fair few - harbor the idea that the world is run by Reptilians in human guise.  The interesting thing is that these theorists have followers.  What brings about a situation in which such an idea is so largely favored?

The answer is simple.  Joxer, a character is one of O'Casey's plays, says "The world is in a state of chassis" (=chaos).  Everywhere those who do dastardly deeds rise to the top.  In democracies, the people seem to regularly elect people you wouldn't want your daughter to marry.  Disorder, murder and misery seem to feature in every news bulletin.  Take, for example, World Hunger.  We have the resources to eliminate it, yet it persists, with huge numbers dying.  Instead of spending their money on alleviating such things, Governments spend their money on vast projects aimed at blowing each other up.  Even good governments often have to do this to protect themselves from bad ones.  Even rich countries in the West have far too much poverty.

The people who attract the widest mistrust are politicians and businessmen and with good reason.  Rising to the top is a process that often involves kicking those who are more ethical than you out of the way.  And yet these people continue to rise to the top, they somehow manage it.

It is only natural, then, for some people to say despairingly, They cannot be really human, they are different creatures from us.  Oh, So-and-so says they are disguised Reptilians.  Yes, that would explain it!

However, there is a simpler explanation, an explanation highlighted by Dr Hare (University of British Columbia).

About 1% of the human race are classified as Psychopaths.  A Psychopath may be characterized by the following features:-

     (1) He has absolutely no conscience.  No matter what crimes he
           performs, no inner voice will reprove him for his 
     (2) He is absolutely charming: everyone likes him.
     (3) He knows exactly the right things to say at interviews which
           will help him to ascend the ladder in politics and business.

With people like those in existence, they will always rise to the top.  They will then carry out every sort of crime and yet manage to bamboozle people into thinking they are the Pillars rather than the Destroyers of society.  There is no need to say they are Reptilians in disguise.  They are the ones that are the architects of the rottenness that oozes through society and it is about time we learned to recognize them as such.
A real reptilian

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