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Friday, 7 March 2014


Valeria Lukyanova
Some time ago we wrote of Blondie Bennett, who sought to make herself into the image of Barbie.  We have now come on another Barbie would-be lookalike.  This is Valeria Lukyanova, an Ukrainian model, who believes she will be able to make herself stop eating and drinking, which will make her sufficiently slim.

What then will she eat?  I hear you cry in worried voice.  She belongs to the Breatharians, a New Age group who argue that you can train yourself to subsist upon cosmic micro-food, whatever that is supposed to be.  Miss Lukyanova feels she will be able to live on light and air.

I can assure the reader that this won't work, so don't try it yourself if you have weight concerns.  In a number of cases Breatharianism has led to fatalities.

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