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Wednesday 17 May 2023


Some time ago, I compiled an article on people in the United States who had the names of animals.  Here are some further animal names that have been bestowed on people in the States, with an approximate number of bearers in each case.

I found a single person called Cow and, rather surprisingly, it was a man.  Entering the sphere of wild felids, the United States has approximately 100 people called Leopard and 15 called Bobcat.  Over 250 souls bear the name of Mink, while 120 are called Mule. Pony is a name which can be given to both sexes.  There are about 120 people so called, but I don't have a gender breakdown.  Other animal names I discovered are Gopher (15), Rooster (50), Raccoon (2), Donkey (11) and Heifer (5).   The study of names can be quite fascinating.



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