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Wednesday 28 December 2022


Richard Lovell in 1661 produced a book with the intriguing title of Panzoologicomineralogia.  This volume listed a vast collection of bygone remedies for illnesses.  Boiled mice, he informs us, "help children pissing in the bed".  I presume he means it helps them to stop, although the sentence could mean it helps them to perform the activity. However, I see from another source that feeding a child roast mice to cure urinary enuresis was practised in days agone in Oxford Infirmary.

More horrifically, Lovell's treatise claims if the heart is pulled from a living mouse and attached to a woman's arm, it acts as a contraceptive.


Source: E. Welch (ed.) Captain Cuttle's Mailbag Astoria, 2017.

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