Thursday 31 March 2022


Yesterday we put up a notice about Simon Young's book The Boggart.  However, the author has issued a supplementary volume entitled The Boggart Sourcebook divided into three parts:-

    (1) Boggart Ephemera, dealing with articles written on belief in the   Boggart;

     (2) Boggart placenames and personal names;

     (3) The Boggart Census, comprising years folklore memories.

This book costs $75 at present from Amazon, but THE WHOLE OF THIS VALUABLE ACADEMIC WORK IS ON LINE.

It seems difficult to link to it, so, in order to reach the text, go to Boggart Sourcebook on your search engine.  This will direct you to it.  The PDF facility is to be found if you scroll down the page.

In case you're wondering what a Boggart is, it is a term applied to various beings. usually malevolent, in British folklore.


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