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Friday 12 November 2021


There have been, over the centuries, a number of reports of serpents in the sky. 

1762 - A snake reported in the sky over Devon, England.  It was described as 'twisting'.  It seems to have been generating light.

1811- A fiery serpent in the shape of a horseshoe was seen over Geneva, Switzerland.

1857 - A serpent (or something that looked like one) seen over Missouri was said to be breathing fire and to have streaks of light along its sides. 

1873 -  At Bonham, Texas, something "resembling" a yellow striped serpent the length of a telegraph pole was descried in the air by a farmer and others.  In the same year something similar was seen over Fort Scott, Kansas.

2000 - A wayfarer in Spain in the El Encinar de Boadilla area claimed to have seen what looked like a snake colored silvery white in the sky.

One has to ask if these were really animals or artificial craft of an unknown nature.

The link below leads to a long article on serpents in the sky.

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