Thursday, 30 September 2021


Charles Fort, from whose surname the word Fortean is derived, will be known to many readers as a student of the anomalous.  Not everyone knows, however, that he also wrote fiction.  One piece of this was A Radical Corpuscle.  This dealt with a society formed by a human's red and white blood corpuscles.  These had no idea that they were in the body of a human and that their purpose was the sustenance of that human.  However, a radical who claimed to be in touch with the human apprised them of this and also suggested there might be other humans apart from their one.  This story was first published in 1906 in Watson's Magazine and later in book form in 1973.  Another novel, The Outcast Manufacturers, was published in 1909.  A further eight novels remained unpublished in his lifetime.

Charles Fort


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