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Wednesday 21 September 2016


Zachary Mann sends us this unusual account.

    There are a number of questions skeptics ask about Bigfoot whenever the topic comes up, and most are legit questions, that despite a large amount of research, many people still don’t know the answers to. Where are the bodies? Where are the droppings? Where are the nesting grounds? Again all  valid questions needing answers, but let me ask one that doesn’t seem to get as much attention, where are all the babies? That’s right, for all the thousands and thousands of alleged Bigfoot sightings, videos, and pictures, almost none of them are about juvenile animals. Why?
          Assuming they exist as a species they must start out as babies right? At least you would hope so for the female Bigfoot’s sake. Could you imagine having to give birth to something 6-8 feet tall and three-six hundred pounds, the same size you are?! It’s a horrifying thought to say the least. So I did a little digging and found a recent, just over a year ago, sighting of Bigfoot and a much smaller one presumed to be her (his) young. It also happens to be from right here in my home state of Virginia.  Several articles where published online and a short news piece was done on it for the local ABC 13 nightly news affiliate, in fact, her recorded call is played during the segment.  So let’s see just what this Woman reported and try to find out just where all the little Sasquatches are at.  
On September 9, 2015, the 59 year old retired Woman, was driving alone on Route 43, up near towards the Peak of Otters Lake around 11:40 pm. As she rounded Turkey Mountain Road, just before she reached the first bridge, she caught sight of something strange in her headlights. There she claimed to see a large upright figure in the gravel driveway of a local piece of property, directly by a mailbox. She would later tell interviewers that she could read the address on the mailbox, but wouldn’t reveal it for privacy reasons of the property owners. She would later describe the creature to a police dispatcher that the creature looked just like the character Chewbacca from the Star Wars films. The creature, she estimated was about six foot from the hips down.
So far, fairly average, but here’s where the story goes from atypical sighting to something truly unique.  
          Cradled inside the creature’s arms was what appeared to be another one of these creatures only much smaller, that’s right a baby Sasquatch! She described to the police dispatcher that the creature was carrying the smaller one in the exact same way a human parent would carry a small child.  As she approached, the Mother, assumed female, put the child down and bent over, seemingly to gather rocks. What it would have done with them is anyone’s guess, but it most likely seems like it was trying to defend its baby from an oncoming threat, the car and its driver.
She said the little one looked directly at her; the mother put it down and the car approached. She described the baby as being about three feet tall, coming right up to the mother’s hips, being very furry, and having a brown nose. She also noticed a sense of genuine surprise in the little creature’s face, as if seeing her it thought she was the strange one. The woman passed the creatures and continued on her way up the mountain.
          Two days later the woman went back to the same location, this time during the daylight hours in order to try and see if she could find any evidence or additional information to help try and explain what she thought she had seen. What she found was a series of three footprints in the dirt with a stride length that was quote, “longer than anything I could make”, estimated at around 36 inches. She states that each one of the creature’s footprints was longer than her two feet front to back combined. She wears a size eight shoe. She says the first one was the clearest, and that there appeared to be two small, undetailed circle like marks beside them, presumed to be the baby’s.
After discovering the tracks she called the local Sheriff’s Office of Bedford County to make an official report. She told him all about her sighting two nights prior as well as finding the set of tracks. Not only the dispatcher shocked to be receiving a call about Bigfoot, he was even more shocked to be receiving one about a mother and its child.
  The Woman wanted to assure the dispatcher she hadn’t been drinking at the time of the sighting. She never answered the question as to why she waited two days to report it, but she probably waited until she could go back and see the area and look for any proof of her wild story. She then asked him if he had ever received a call like this before and he told her in his 10 plus years on the job, he never got a call like this. A Deputy was dispatched to the area to check things out, but he found nothing out of the ordinary.
          A week later on September, 17, 2015, the Woman who made the call did a phone interview local ABC affiliate ABC 13 on the condition that she remain anonymous. She had just moved to the area and did not want to develop a reputation for being crazy.  The author for the ABC article said they would try and reach out to a local biologist to try and see if he could explain what she had seen. No follow up articles could be found and it’s unclear if a biologist was ever contacted or if he answered back, although we can assume his answer would mostly have been bears.
          So what are we to make of this sighting? It is interesting to note that, while Virginia as a whole, doesn’t have nearly as high of a rate of sightings as many other states, this particular area, the more mountainous region, does have one of the highest concentrations of such sightings in the state. That being said, this is the first one I’m familiar with to have come from here or anywhere else in Virginia, that involves a mother and child Bigfoot.    
          There have been a few reported sightings of a Bigfoot with a child over the decades from as disperate places as Massachusetts and British Columbia in Canada. And yet, juvenile Bigfoot reports, as a whole when compared to most Bigfoot sightings, are almost non-existent. Why? If Bigfoot is real, it must reproduce in order to maintain a population, and if it is a primate, it could be theorized that Bigfoot would behave as other primate mothers do. Primates take very good care of their young, and for prolonged periods of time compared to a lot of other mammals. So the question still remains, why so few baby Bigfoot sightings?
I believe the most likely explanation, assuming they exist at all, is that the mothers might perceive humans as a major threat to their young, and there for keep themselves and the young as isolated as possible whenever they can. Bigfoot seem to be very wary of us as it is, now just multiply that times a hundred when a youngster is involved. But what do you think? Why are there so few baby Bigfoot sights and evidence, like footprints?

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