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Wednesday 16 December 2015


This story is taken from Janet and Colin Bord's Bigfoot Casebook.  Clearly at this stage it is an old and recorded story, but the reason it is included here is because it has an odd feature.

The locale is Paris Township (Ohio).  The year was 1978.  No less than 9 witnesses were present.  At 10.30 p.m. the Cayton family were sitting on their porch.  They saw two pairs of eyes by an abandoned chicken coop and teenager Scott Patterson went to have a look.  He saw that the pairs of eyes belonged to two feline creatures, probably pumas.  Then a Bigfoot appeared and interposed itself between Patterson and the cats.  Everyone at this stage seems to have thought it politic to go indoors.  They telephoned the Sheriff's office.  The Bigfoot made its way to the kitchen window and had a look inside.  It did not appear aggressive.  After about ten minutes it made its way off.

The question that arises is what was it doing with the big cats?  Did it see itself as a guardian, a protector?  Did it stumble upon the scenario of Patterson and the cats merely by accident, its appearance  unrelated to the feline presence?  Do all Bigfoots consider themselves guardians of the forest's wild creatures?

Of course, we can't answer these questions with the data to hand.  The fact that the Bigfoot blocked Patterson off from the pumas is, however, somewhat suggestive.  The Bigfoot was reported on at least one subsequent occasion.

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