Wednesday, 30 April 2014


Picking up hitchhikers is not a safe thing.  A dangerous hitchhiker may look absolutely harmless.  However, this one didn't.  It was back in the 1970s when four girls reported this shocking story.  They were driving from Milwaukee when they saw this person trying to hitch a lift.  They noticed at once that it wasn't your normal hitchhiker.  To begin with, he was naked, always a bad sign in these circumstances.  He was also green, bald and goggle-eyed.  The girls did not stop  but sped onwards as he viewed their passing vehicle.  But then, in their mirror, they saw another car slow down to give him a ride.

I can only wonder what could induce anyone to slow down for such a being.  I am afraid to imagine what might have happened when this unusual passenger boarded the car.  However, there is no sequel to this story.  We do not have the least idea what the outcome was.  Perhaps it's just as well.

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