Tuesday, 29 April 2014


A large humanoid monster that has been reported from time to time along the Mogollan Rim (Arizona).  A description given by Marjorie Grimes of White River, a member of the White River Apache tribe, stressed the fact that it was all black.

The question which arises is whether it is the same creature as Bigfoot and I think the answer must be yes, as it shares characteristics with that creature.  This includes an appalling smell.  With regard to Bigfoots so endowed, Grover Krantz suggested that this is due to lingering feces trapped in hair.  It gives unusual whistles, it builds nests and screams.  All these are characteristics of Bigfoot.  Its height is estimated at more than 7 feet.

It is possible its black coloration marks it out from Bigfoot, but this may be a mere variation.  In Scotland, many people have red hair, but this does not mark them out as a different species.

Mogollon Rim

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