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Tuesday 15 April 2014


White River Junction
Have your wandering footsteps ever taken you to White River Junction (Vermont)?  According to Joseph A. Citro's Vermont Monster Guide there is to be found in the Main Street Museum a stuffed animal which none can identify.  The story is that in 1993 the Museum sent a troop of minions to capture a vile creature seen off Lyman Point and, after considerable efforts, the animal seems to have been killed.  Scientists from Dartmouth College scratched their puzzled heads and could not identify the animal, which was stuffed.

The language in which the story is told suggests the whole thing is some sort of joke.  Whether there really is some kind of stuffed creature in the Museum, I cannot say.  Citro says its bones are still in there.

If this is a genuine animal, perhaps some correspondent would let us know what it looks like, or even send a picture.  That's a picture of the monster, not of himself/herself.

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