Monday, 28 April 2014


Ventura County and environs
If you look up there you'll see a map of Ventura County and its environs.  This is an area to which a strange monster legend attaches.  On Wheeler Canyon Road is the Billiwhack Dairy which no longer functions and is said to be home to the Billiwhack Monster, a tall humanoid with the horns of a ram, fur and claws.  It is supposed to have thrown rocks at vehicles and on one occasion in 1964 to have terrified teenage hikers.

The dairy was started by August Rubel but failed as a business.  In 1943, Rubel disappeared.  It was said he was conducting a wartime mission in North Africa.  Shortly afterwards, the monster started to appear.  Rumor (never to be trusted) suggested the monster was the result of Government experimentation to create the perfect soldier.  It was even said that Rubel himself created the beast.  Who can say?

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