Sunday 27 April 2014


Recently in Poland (Ohio) the Genoskwa Project held a festival.  And what, I hear you ask, is a Genoskwa?  The Genoskwa is supposed to be something like Bigfoot only bigger.  It is said that Genoskwas can reach a height of 10 feet.  They exist in the lore of the Iroquois and are supposed to be made out of or covered with stone.  Their very name is said to mean 'rock man'.  They are of ferocious character and, seizing a human victim, will twist off its head.  They had a reputation for raiding villages and eating captives.  Their rocky appearance may result from rolling in stony patches or otherwise appending rock-like substances to themselves.

Another beast of the Bigfoot kind is the Wood Booger of Appalachian folklore.  Some say it is merely another name for Bigfoot, some that it is a species of Bigfoot and, from the sound of things, no one seems to know quite how to classify it.  Apparently there have been a number of sightings in the vicinity of Saltville (Virginia).

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