Friday, 14 March 2014


On This Day in Weird, March 14...

1973: Three U.S. Marines report a Bigfoot sighting on a highway outside Lancaster, California, claiming the eight-foot-tall creature ran in front of their car.

2008: Several large chunks of ice crash through the roof of Weber Marking Systems in Arlington Heights, Illinois. FAA spokesmen tell reporters, "We are still unsure if this came from an aircraft. We are looking at aircraft over the area at that time trying to determine if it’s a leak. This is an extremely rare event."

2010: Actor Peter Graves, best known to cryptozoology buffs as narrator of The Mysterious Monsters (1976), dies at home in Pacific Palisades, California, at age 83. His other outré films include Red Planet Mars, Killers from Space, It Conquered the World, Beginning of the End, Attack of the Eye Creatures, Scream of the Wolf, Where Have All the People Gone, The Clonus Horror, and Addams Family Values.

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