Tuesday, 25 March 2014


There is no point in my putting up a picture of a dragon man, as he is simply a human being with special powers in the folklore of south-eastern Europe; but these powers are said to be the powers of a dragon.

The dragon man is an individual who realizes bad weather is on the way, dangerous to villagers' crops, and that this is caused by a variety of spirit called an ala.  The dragon man then knows what he must do.  He goes into a deathlike sleep.  Then his soul leaves his body and assumes a form serpentine or lacertine and a battle ensues between him and the ala, whom all hope he will finally defeat.  Lest the ala attack his slumbering body, a man with a scythe can be left nearby with the daunting duty of fending it off.  

When the dragon man awakes, his enemy defeated, he feels very tired.

Sometimes, just to cause a little confusion, the word ala means a benevolent spirit.

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