Saturday, 11 January 2014

On This Day in Weird, January 11....

1886: Frequent horror film star George Zucco born in England.

1948: Air Force pilots report a disc-shaped UFO with a bluish center and red edges flying over Hartford, Connecticut.

1949: Los Angeles, California, records its first snowfall.

1956: Radar tracks a UFO over Wurtsmith Air Force Base in Iosco County, Michigan.

1958: A U.S. Navy pilot reports three unidentified lights flying at 900 knots (1,036 miles per hour), 150 miles north of Atka Island in the Aleutians.

1965: At least 12 witnesses, including six Army Signal Corps specialists, report a dozen UFOs flying over Washington, D.C., with fighter planes in pursuit. The Pentagon denies it.

1966: A large cigar-shaped UFO passes within a mile of a ship crossing the Pacific Ocean. On the same day, police and civilians sight a UFO circling over a reservoir at Wanaque, New Jersey, and several motorists report a luminous disc soaring over Myerstown, Pennsylvania, 140 miles southwest of Wanaque.

1967: A motorist driving near Aveyon, France, reports a UFO hovering near ground level, emitting heat and a whistling sound that makes his car vibrate.

1978: The pilot of a Cessna 150 aircraft reports a spherical object passing beneath his plane as he flies near Los Angeles, California.

1998: A witness in Barnegat, New Jersey, reports a disc-shaped UFO rimmed with green and yellow lights hovering over his house, apparently piloted by a humanoid figure inside a clear dome.

2003: Sailors log their sighting of a large squid tentacle, seven to eight meters long and "thicker than a man's leg," clinging to a boat's hull off Madeira, in the North Atlantic.

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