Wednesday 4 December 2013

Where doth Bigfoot lurk?

Where doth  Bigfoot lurk?

The question arises in an earlier article of where Bigfoot is able to hide out so cleverly that, despite numerous reports, we never seem to find one.  They have been seen in every state in the Union (yes, including Rhode Island, despite statements to the contrary).  While bird watchers go bird watching, they see birds.  Why do Bigfoot watchers never see Bigfoots/Bigfeet?

Various explanations are put forward - the cunning of Bigfoot, partial hibernation of Bigfoot, maybe dead bodies are never found because they are eaten by other Bigfoot, etc.  In heavily forested areas of the Pacific coast, in the wilds of Alaska, such explanations are fine; but what about the more populated areas?

The first idea we must combat and the evidence seems to indicate we should combat it, is that If a thing is there, it is there all the time.  Yet I seem to remember hearing that physicists now can send particles in and out of existence.  Can the same thing happen with a great clump of particles like Bigfoot?

While I do not discount such an explanation utterly, I think there is a more likely explanation.  Physicists now admit the idea of coexisting universes.  As far as I am aware, coexisting dimensions would not cause a scientist to scoff.  Could it be that Bigfoot, when chased, simply crosses the line into the other dimension and is no more discernable?  The answer is that we don't know, but it does not make the idea of the existence rather than the non-existence of Bigfoot seem quite so incredible.

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