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Monday 16 December 2013

Marina Chapman, photographed at age 17, now a granny living in England, but raised largely by monkeys.


A female Tarzan perhaps?  Marina Chapman was taken from her Colombian home and left in the jungle.  She claims she joined a troupe of capuchin monkeys, who at first ignored her.  She would take refuge in the hollows of trees.  One day she ate something unsavory which made her ill and she writhed about, howling with pain.  An elderly monkey made her drink water, she vomited up the food and felt much better.

After this, the monkeys seemed to accept her more as one of their number.  They groomed her and she groomed them.  She learned basic monkey communication skills.

Eventually she was found by hunters, but sold into a brothel from which she escaped.  She was adopted by a family who ultimately sent her to Bradford, Yorkshire, with which they had associations.  She married a scientist and now has two daughters, Joanna (32) and Vanessa (28).  Joanna now has children of her own.
Marina is particularly good at climbing trees.

Marina tells her story in a book which appeared last year,The Girl With No Name (Pegasus, $26.95).  A paperback edition is due to appear in 2014.

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