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Wednesday, 7 November 2018


In saying the cryptids in this list are "little known", I mean they're little known by me, as I could find only limited information about them.  Others out there may have a wealth of information about them and, if they do, I'd be grateful if they'd send it in.

Fergus Falls Creature A dark brown creature with protruding muzzle.  It appeared to be bipedal and was seen in Minnesota in 2009.

Monoclova Quadruped A quadrupedal humanoid, no less, reported from Mexico in 2010.  Several specimens were sighted.

Lake Tar Monster This lake in Argentina is said to boast long-necked monsters.

Giant Black Fish A huge fish that rammed a boat in Missouri in 1970.

Pink Alligator There were two encounters with this creature reported in Florida in 1976.

Pink Goanna Large pink lizard seen in Australia in 2002.

Green Male Monster This creature was reported from Somerville (NJ) in 1949.  I have no further details.

Malagnira Tiny lemur found in Madagascar.

Eden Flying Serpent Reported over Eden (Utah) in 1894.

Winona Beast Gray striped animal seen in Minnesota in 1919.

Ichitapa Monster said to live in Lake Kashiba, Zambia.

Sz A kind of unicorn, more like a cow than a horse, in Malaysian legend.

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