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Sunday, 4 September 2016


On This Day in Weird, September 4...

1964: Several friends are bow hunting near Cisco Grove in Placer County, California, when 28-year-old Donald Shrum becomes separated from his friends. Failing to find them by nightfall, Shrum climbs a tree to sleep and resume his search at dawn, but a white airborne light distracts him. First suspecting a helicopter, he descends and lights flares to draw the pilot's attention, but the object proves to be a UFO. Scrambling back into the tree, Shrum watches three UFO occupants—two "humanoid-types" and an apparent robot—the latter of whom expels a nauseating white vapor that renders Shrum unconscious. He revives soon after and spends the rest of the knight warding off his attackers with arrows, some of which strike sparks after hitting the "robot." A second soon arrives, gassing him unconscious again, and so the siege continues until dawn, when he wakes for the last time to find his tormentors gone. Sadly for Shrum, no other human witness saw his alleged epic battle with the saucer man.

A book elaborating on Shrum's case

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